About Us

Our research group is designing a Mobile Climate Services App for small-scale farmers in developing countries. We see that the changing climate creates a strong and urgent need for the tool that allows farmers to access information of changing weather and climate patterns, which leaves the current farming timing, based on indigenous knowledge, in trouble.

We aim to solve the issue of mismatch between rather simple information needs of the farmers versus often rather complicated information provided by various organisations and researchers. Therefore this can be seen as a “last mile” two-way connection between farmers and information providers. We also believe that providing only weather and climate information is not adequate, but that they needs instead to be combined with agricultural information and focused recommended practical action steps.

We did our initial development activities in Tanzania, together with our local partners, during the spring of 2018. Currently we are in process of starting further development/piloting phases in Namibia, together with our local partner, University of Namibia, in early 2020.

We are eager to share our results and findings as soon as possible and keep you updated on the progress of our work as well. So stay tuned, more info is coming soon!